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  • [Read Article] Soulmates

    This is an interview for a newspaper on the topic of Soulmates.

    Published: Tue May 15, 2012

  • [Read Article] What is Emotional Abandonment?

    Many people don’t realize that they’re feeling emotionally abandoned or that they did as a child. They may be unhappy, but can’t put their finger on what it is. People tend to think of abandonment as something physical, like neglect. They also m

    Published: Wed July 18, 2012

  • [Read Article] Does Your Partner Drive You Nuts? The Passive Aggressive Personality

    Asking your mate to empty the dishwasher should theoretically be totally devoid of drama or tension. It’s just one of many chores necessary to keep your home functioning–right? However, with a passive aggressive personality, any situation has t

    Published: Tue October 02, 2012

  • [Read Article] Effective Communication Goes Against Human Nature

    Communication is the most common presenting problem of couples in my practice. Yet, it is not truly the main problem. Even if couples utterly fail to talk, negotiate, or make decisions, there’s a bigger problem than communication.

    Published: Mon October 08, 2012

  • [Read Article] How Do You Know You're Keeping Your Love Alive?

    This is a look at how the stresses of work and family life can interfere with couple closeness, and presents some suggestions to counter these effects

    Published: Sun December 09, 2012

  • [Read Article] Holiday Breakup

    How to move forward when mourning the loss of a relationship.

    Published: Thu December 20, 2012

  • [Read Article] Marriage and Laughter

    I consider myself fortunate. I married a man who likes to laugh. I suppose I could have sought out a more serious, highly intense fellow. I probably would be richer, but I don't think I would be having as much fun.

    Published: Thu January 31, 2013

  • [Read Article] VERBAL ABUSE

    Unfortunately, recent history has told us that approximately half of marriages today are successful. Half is really a discouraging number when you consider all that is at stake, all the misery to the family members that a marital breakup can cause.

    Published: Fri March 08, 2013

  • [Read Article] Warning Signs Your Relationship is in Trouble

    Good relationships run smoothly and enable you to enjoy your life, work, and activities beyond the relationship. You’re not always worrying or talking about it. Like a smooth-running car, you don’t have to keep repairing it. You may have disagreem

    Published: Mon September 09, 2013

  • [Read Article] Crisis as a Turning Point

    Many a modern day Alice finds the wounded self trying to fit into someone else’s mold, into a world that makes no sense or meaning.

    Published: Sat September 14, 2013