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  • [Read Article] Is It Selfish To Want to Be Happier?

    Every now and then, in the midst of the headlong thrust into the next thing on our schedule, we all take a deep breath and pause for a moment of reflection. Ahh...What comes up? If we are honest with ourselves it’s probably a familiar yearning. "I

    Published: Mon July 06, 2009

  • [Read Article] A Brief Introduction to Jungian Therapy

    Search for Meaning Many Americans are searching for deeper meaning in their lives. Just recently, a TV news survey asked viewers what one thing would most improve the quality of their life. The most frequent answer was "greater meaning in life."

    Published: Tue July 14, 2009

  • [Read Article] The Power of "BEING YOU"

    Giving too much of yourself and saying yes too often is something many people are accustomed to doing to avoid conflicts and feelings of guilt. A sincere desire to give is wonderful, however, there’s a distinction between giving of yourself and givi

    Published: Tue September 29, 2009

  • [Read Article] When Depression Hits the One You Love

    Little is more disconcerting than the peculiar twilight zone of a conversation with someone who's depressed. It can be like dangling expectantly at the top of a seesaw while the other person sits at the bottom, refusing to budge. You call out, you w

    Published: Mon October 12, 2009

  • [Read Article] Anxiety Disorders in Children:How Do They Manifest?

    The human body is an amazing machine, providing exactly what you need at the very moment that you need it. When you exercise, your body produces sweat to cool itself off. When you need energy, you feel hungry, leading you to eat and supply the needed

    Published: Tue October 20, 2009

  • [Read Article] Anxiety: Friend or Foe?

    We have all known the experience of being anxious, worried, and even panicked. While these symptoms can become overwhelming and debilitating, the good news is, generally speaking, anxiety is not difficult to treat. Let me explain. No one likes to

    Published: Wed November 25, 2009

  • [Read Article] Some bullies are just the shy type: New research shows a darker side to social anxiety disorder

    When you think of people suffering from social anxiety, you probably characterize them as shy, inhibitive and submissive. However, new research from psychologists Todd Kashdan and Patrick McKnight at George Mason University suggests that there is a

    Published: Tue April 20, 2010

  • [Read Article] Anxiety and Your Child

    We all love our children so much and when we see them anxious we worry. Anxiety disorders are fairly common during childhood, affecting approximately 1 out of every 8 children. But in addition to abnormal anxiety (in which fears are irrational and mag

    Published: Fri September 03, 2010

  • [Read Article] When Anxiety Emerges and Persists

    When severe anxiety emerges and persists, our lives seem to take on a pervasive pall. We're convinced we'll never feel like ourselves again, that no one could understand what we're going through. Sometimes anxiety is milder, not so devastating, not so

    Published: Mon July 06, 2009

  • [Read Article] How To Enjoy Your Family and In-Laws This Year

    Are you already playing out scenarios in your head about what could go wrong this holiday season? Maybe you are tired of feeling uncomfortable around the in-laws, or dreading the arguments that tend to come up between you and your partner.

    Published: Tue November 27, 2012