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  • [Read Article] UPDATE: Girls Happy with Their Body Image Don't Binge-Eat

    At the Obesity Society meeting in Orlando, FL, in early October, Dr. Kendrin Sonneville of Children's Hospital, Boston, described the results of her 11-year follow-up study of overweight adolescent girls. Girls who said they were fairly satisfied or t

    Published: Thu November 17, 2011

  • [Read Article] Eating Disorders at Middle Age, Part 1

    Until recently, the problem of eating disorders among middle-aged women was largely overlooked in psychiatry and medicine. The definition of middle life is somewhat arbitrary and in current flux, due in part to the increased longevity of people in the

    Published: Mon February 13, 2012

  • [Read Article] Eating Disorders at Middle Age, Part 2

    Eating disorders at middle life are often accompanied by addiction to stimulants or cocaine to reduce weight. Herbal remedies, over-the-counter medications, or prescribed medications are also ubiquitously used to counter the normal 5 to 10 lb weight g

    Published: Mon February 13, 2012

  • [Read Article] Treatment for Adolescents and Young Children

    A growing concern in the field of eating disorders is the increasingly earlier onset and prevalence of these illnesses in the childhood and young adolescent populations. Historically, anorexia nervosa tends to have a higher occurrence at approximately

    Published: Mon March 05, 2012

  • [Read Article] Younger Kids are Dying to Be Thin

    Younger Kids are Dying to Be Thin: Published by Brentwood Patch.

    Published: Thu March 08, 2012

  • [Read Article] Love is Gentle, Love is Kind

    Our marvelous bodies plow through our deadlines, pressure-packed days, and the surprises life throws at each of us. We may treat our bodies like they don't matter—but we forget that they can break down. It is easy to take our bodies for granted and

    Published: Mon March 26, 2012

  • [Read Article] Set Healthy Example for Teens

    The best thing parents can do to be role models, said Neumark-Sztainer, is to provide and eat healthful food, have regular family meals, and do physically active things with their kids. "Do more. Talk less," she said.

    Published: Mon April 02, 2012

  • [Read Article] Why Do Patients Drop Out of Therapy?

    Both patients and staff reported that important reasons for dropping out included the following: not enough freedom, treatment was too difficult, and lack of trust. The staff placed far more importance on “lack of trust” than did patients. Patient

    Published: Mon April 02, 2012

  • [Read Article] Emotion Acceptance Behavior Therapy

    Emotion acceptance behavior therapy (EABT) is an outpatient psychotherapeutic intervention designed for older adolescents and adults with anorexia nervosa (AN). EABT emphasizes the role anorexic symptoms might play in facilitating the patient's avoida

    Published: Mon April 09, 2012

  • [Read Article] Silence the Food Critic

    The things we say to our friends and loved ones in an effort to "help them make good choices" can often be destructive. Have you ever eaten something you didn't enjoy because you didn't want to hurt the cook's feelings or be labeled as "picky"?

    Published: Mon April 16, 2012