Why Karen Could Not Lose Weight
Thursday, January 28, 2010
By: Mrs. Patricia Rotsztain Frost, LMHC, MS, CH

Karen was a 46 year old overweight woman. She had been overweight for as long as she could remember. She had read every diet book and tried every diet in the market for decades with no result. South Beach, Atkins, Jenny Craig, Vegetarian, Dissociated, Low-carb, macrobiotic…You name it, she had tried it, always to end disappointed and frustrated with maybe a couple of pounds less that quickly crept on again. I could see her struggle to hold the tears as she told me about her story.

I asked Karen: “Do you want to lose weight?” She looked at me with a mix of surprise and indignation at the stupidity of the question. “Why do you think I am here?”, she said, “Why do you think I have failed with all these diets and am still trying?”

I explained that the fact that you want something consciously does not mean all of your mind agrees and proceeded to muscle test her. For those of you unfamiliar with muscle testing, it is a technique in which you ask a question and it is the body who responds instead of the mind by the changes in muscle strength. I love this technique because in my experience the mind can trick you and rationalize anything and everything, but your body never lies. So I asked her a couple of questions to familiarize her with the procedure. “Is your name Karen?”, and her arm stayed strong and firm (indicating her agreement with no resistance or contradictory feelings). “Where you born in Philadelphia?”, again, strong arm. “Do you want to lose weight?” Her arm went completely limp, and fell down like a rag doll. Karen was in shock. “I don’t understand it”, she cried, “I do want to lose weight, there is nothing I want more than that. I would give anything to achieve it”. I explained that her subconscious mind obviously disagreed with that idea, and since the subconscious controls all of our automatic behaviors and body processes, including metabolism, digestion, and weight loss or gain, she would probably continue to fail until her subconscious agreed with the idea.

We decided to use hypnosis to find out the reason why her subconscious refused to lose weight. Once in trance, we went back in time to the moment this decision to be overweight was made. Karen saw herself as a little 5 year old girl. She was with her mom, standing by her grandmother’s bed. Karen remembered feeling very sad and scared as she looked at her emaciated granny. She looked almost like a skeleton as she slept under the effects of the pain killers. Her mother said as she sobbed: “poor mom, she lost more weight, she is so thin, she will die soon” . Karen’s grandmother died of cancer, but in her 5 year old mind, she died of losing weight, of becoming thin.

We processed Karen’s 5 year olds fears and the decision she made at that time to hold on to weight in order to stay alive by looking at them through her adult understanding. Now it all made sense. Our subconscious mind always wants the best for us, but we need to remember that it not always knows what the best is. The subconscious makes decisions and forms ideas at a young age, from phrases said by authority figures, from deep experiences we do not fully understand at that age. It formulates commandments that will guide our life even if it drives us to failure or suffering in an attempt to protect us from “a worse evil”, in Karen’s case, dying of losing weight.

The beauty of this is that once we understand, once we see the origin of that mistaken commandment and correct it everything becomes amazingly easy because, as we said, our subconscious wants the best for us, it just needs to know what the best is.

Karen is now enjoying a life free of freedom from a protection she didn’t need and was ruining her life. She is happily and safely losing weight.

Author : Mrs. Patricia Rotsztain Frost LMHC, MS
Patricia Rotsztain Frost, LMHC, CH, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Hypnotherapist and PhD Candidate in Natural Health. For more information on hypnosis, psychotherapy, natural health and holistic nutrition please visit her profile on the Find-a-Therapist.com Directory.