Some of the "news" isn't "news" at all, but pure fiction, and efforts to lure those into thinking and believing that what they are reading is real.

More effort has now been put into making the "news" look more legitimate.  There are some basic concepts to help sort this issue out.  First, consider the source.  It is a reputable and a source that publishes fact or fiction.  Second, read beyond that headline that catches your attention.  It may have very little to do with the actual article.  Also, if in dobut, check the author.  Check to see if the sources for any of the information is a reputable source.  Check the date of the article.  They may be distorting a past event.  Finally, if it just doesn't make sense to you or seems a little off, it probably is. 

It is a shame that we have to scrutinize what we read and who it comes from.  We want to believe those who are reputable and have been reliable in the past.  That is just not the case anymore.  We need to use multiple sources and do our own research.  Too many times we are told what some want us to believe.  This represents sources such as our government, news sources, and even our family and friends.  Make your own "educated" decison.