Here are some suggestions for finding the "right therapist" for you.

  • a therapist should provide information about specializations, education, and certifications
  • what kind of approach they take in treatment
  • reviews may be unhelpful-what works for one may not work for the others
  • can they prescribe medication if needed
  • do they accept my insurance-check with your insurance first before searching
  • do they offer a quick phone consultation call-you must ask questions about them
  • they need to be a good listener
  • do they provide feedback if requested
  • do they establish boundaries with client
  • do they offer a specific treatment plan with goals and objectives
  • offer informed-constent document
  • client should see some sense of control and change in a few weeks
  • does the therapist try to pressure you to become a client
  • rely on "gut feeling"
  • use resources at work for referrals
  • if they offer a free consultations are they billing me later?
  • If they don't take my insurance, what payment options do they offer

Just remember that it is okay to see more than one therapist before settling down with one. Therapy should get you to a place where you don't need it anymore.