What is the anwser to school shootings?  I don't know, but we have to start somewhere.  Let's get parents more involved with their kids lives to start with.  Let's get parents to LOCK UP YOUR GUNS!  Notice there is no mention to get rid of them.  Parents monitor your childs social media involvement.  Who pays for it?  Can you refocus their attention on activites, hobbies, or even a church group.  Can parents teach and talk about BULLYING!  Let the adults start to set the example.  That will be very difficult for some. 

You know even if we do all of the above, the chances are school and workplace shootings are still going to happen.  We know that the NRA is not going away.  However, their tax free status could.  We know there are always going to be politicans that do nothing to protect us. Should we rely on others to teach our children and raise our families?

Our world is changing and growing with hate and anger. We need those in charge that want change and practice the values that set the example. So, for now register to vote, run for political office if you want change, volunteer your time at school, get involved in your community, get in touch with your children, be a mentor.

We have to start somewhere!