Imagine living in that kind of alignment in this present day world of twitter storms and super-sized egos.  Can you imagine it, or has the world torn your asunder and out of alignment from your own truth? Has the trauma of every day life caused you to feel as if you just can't beat it any more?  Has the trauma of every day life caused you to feel as if you just can't beat it any more?  I don't mean the PTSD of war or rape, but he trauma of living in a country whose leaders no longer reflect the values you've held dear...... the trauma of divorce, diagnosis and loss. So much loss.

I recently saw the movie, Manchester By The Sea, the story of a man who totally collapsed from trauma and simply could not re-enter life fully again.  It takes place just miles from where I grew up, which always makes the impact even more personal.  The protagonist, played brillianty by Casey Affleck, never experiences th full redemption possible, which may disturb many people.  He is hollowed ou and collapsed, shoulders hunched, protection his hear from further pain.  "I just can't beat it," he declares.

I have heard peopld say, "It is too sad for me.  I need excape these days," Yes, the movie is very sad, and real---no Hollywood bullshit to gloss over the real pain of life, and wrapping it all up with a bow that leaves us feeling numb again.  I felt sad, but then again, after 30 years of helping people thaw out from their frozen traumas, my sadness was that he did not get th help that might have made a difference.

In spite of and even because of all the trauma I have dealt with, I remain an eternal optimist of the human spirit.  I have been present to thaw, the rising up of what never dies in a human being, and watched people once again come into profound alignment after the unspeakable happens.

It may seem a mystery why one person can suffer so much loss, and rise up, and why another remains collapsed.  It is all part of the mystery, to be sure, but there is a key, a golden nugget of truth that is worth remembering at this time.

The heart knows how to bring us back into profound alignment.

The heart is at the intersection os our mortal and divine natures, inthe center of the chest.  All morality must pass through this portal to become fully embodied.  Out rules and the constraints of culture pale in comparison to what a human being can come to know deeply in the heart.

Jonathan Goldman, in his deeply moving article, says that "The heart has built in to it both a truth-o-meter.  They are infallible when they are cleaned, trusted and tested in little ways before your life is turned over to them."

Only your heart can guide you in this post-truth world of polished promises, so learning how to align with your heart is the education needed. No tests, teachers, or certifications.  It's you listening to your heart.  Even if it is broken.  I promise you, it won't beat you up like your mind.

Here's how:

  1. Set the intention to live through and from your heart.  Commit to it, even if you don't know how, or even what it means.  It's a choice, a dexision to make.  Your heart knows how if you give it a chance.
  2. Question authority.  Whose authority?  Who has it?  How did you get it?  How does something land as it passes through the filter of your heart?
  3. Practice acceptance of what is now.  Just be with what is, and feel how you feel in your heart, as you be with what is.  Feelings are not thoughts or the voices of the critic.  They live in your body, not your head.  As you breathe, focus on the center of your chest.  Notice if there is small or big resistance to what is. Accept the resistance.  Keep accepting everything you feel.  This sets up a powerful vibration of truth, as you cease rationalizing.
  4. Acknowledge what you need to release.  As yo learn to live through and from the heart, since the heart is such a great bullshit detector, you will come to see that which is no longer compatible with your own heart. It may be the realtionship, job, addiction, or whatever you are clinging to that has taken you away from your own heart.  It takes enormous courage to live in alignment with your heart, along with the increased vitality and joy that inevitably comes with it.
  5. Find the necessary support.  Hearts need other hearts.  We are traumatized in relastionship, and we need other humans to heal.  That is simply how we are wired.

Yes, in these times where the slight-of-hand is the game of the day, there are millions of people who are committing even more passionately to living from the heart.  The huge collective heart of humanity is crying out through music and art and children.  Acts of unspeakable horror are being met with acts of unimaginable compassion and courage.

May we create lives that are a walk in grace---grounded, grateful, and infinitely hopeful.

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