• According to NIAAA, dringking and driving claims more than 15,000 lives per year
  • According to Department of Justice, there were 1.41 million DUI arrests in 2010
  • Alcohol-related crashes cause an estimated $45 billion in damages a year
  • Drunk driving costs the U.S. $199 billion dollars per year
  • A drunk driver has driven drunk an average of 80 times before his/her first arrest
  • Every 2 minutes a person is injured in a drunk driving crash
  • The rate of drunk driving is highest among 21 to 25 year olds
  • In 2015, 29.1 million people admitted the driving under the influence of alcohol
  • 1 person is killed every half-hour due to drunk driving

Alcohol is the most popular recreational drug.  Alcohol is classified as a drug, a depressant.  This means it slows down the vital functions of the body.  Alcohol abuse is the most common of all addictions.  However, the fact drinking alcohol is so socially accepted, alcohol often leads to what is known as "denial". If it is left untreated alcoholism, now know as alcohol use disorder, has severe consequences just like any other addiction.

No matter how severe the alcohol addiction, it can be successfully treated.  Research has shown that one third of all alcoholics that seek treatment have no symptoms one year after treatment while many others reduce their drinking.  Only 8% of all adults with alcohol problem seek treatment. 

If loved ones are not willing to get help, and does recognize there is a problem, then no intervention will be required, bu if the other extreme presenst itself the family will have to search for a professional interventionist.  Intervention services within the United States are normally abailable in every state, and some have more experience than others. 

Alcohol Treatment Centers offer the patient a place where they can focus soley on getting better without distractions.