White Coasts for Recovery tested the Availability of Naloxone at local pharmacies, as part of a pilot sutdy at Boston Medical Center.  the students try to buy the antidote without a prescription.  In some cases, the pharmacist was familiar with the process of providing the drug under the statewide standing order to purchase and provided counseling on how to administer it.

White Coasts for Recovery hope to stem the explosion of drug overdose deaths and inspire future doctors to provide compassionate, effective care for people with addiction as stated by Sundaram-White Coat Group.

Every 19 minutes, someone in America dies from an opioid overdose.  A shot of the antidote Naloxone-can quickly revive many drug users from the brink of death. 

Drug overdoses claimed the lives of 47,055 Americans in 2014-the equivalent of about 129 Americans each day-according to the CDC.  Drug overdoses now surpass car accidents as the leading cause of injury death among people 25-64.

This information is shared in hopes of bringing awareness to opioid addiction which is now being blamed in part to those doctors who inappropriately prescribe painkillers.  See more information on the site drugrehab.org.