As you embark on the journey to trust and forgiveness, remember that while it is very much abut them, it's also about you.  The journey may very well be uphill, but know tht many other people have been in the same position as you and have worked things out with those important to their lives. 

  • It Starts With An Apology-You must be patient with those with whom you are apologizing to. Their trust must be earned.  Try to demonstrate that you are committed toa sober and more positive life.
  • Making Amends-Consider the promises that you made to people but didn't keep. As you talk to your loved ones, some of these will become clearer, and you must decide if there are ways to make good on them.  Apologizing and making amends go together.
  • Communicating What You Are Going Through-Apologizing requires some heartfelt words on your part, and making amends includes admitting your mistakes, coming clean about the things you did wrong, and holding yourself accountable for them. Remember to take responsibility, so be transparent and honest.  Communication is a two-way street.
  • Improving Yourself And Other's Perception Of You-You should keep striving to improve yourself as a person and making choices that benefit your life and well-being.  Make good on your word. Stay active in the workforce.  Find new hobbies and activities related to things you are interested in, and stick with them.  Staying involved in such things can bring you a greater sense of purpose as well as enjoyment that will help you feel better about your life and what you are doing with it.
  • Staying On Track-Above all else, you must keep your commitment to sobriety, which shows people you care about that your are serious about your recovery and getting your life back in order.
  • Talking To Others With Experience-This could be a sponsor, other members of a group you attend, a therapist, or people you have met in online recovery groups, forums, chat rooms, etc.
  • Being Realistic-It is a great thing that you are sober now and that you are making this effort , but keep in mind that you are the one who hurt them, and they have no obligation to welcome you back with open arms.  Regaining trust takes time.

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