There are many things you can do to keep yourself mentally sharp.  Don't succumb to the idea that you have no control over any cognitive decline you might experience.  You must truly believe that you can postitively influence the way your mind ages,and look for opportunities to give it a little extra exercise. 

  • Step One:  Get organized-make sure your living environment is kept tidy and free of clutter
  • Step Two:  Eat well-keep a consistent eating schedule
  • Step Three:  Get enough sleep-sleep is a crucial part of your wellbeing at any age
  • Step Four:  Get active in cognitively stimulating activites-staying active increases blood flow
  • Step Five:  Use all of your senses-our brains want stimulation-sensory indulgence
  • Step Six:  Challenge yourself throughout the day-challenge your thinking skills
  • Step Seven:  Make it a social event-make meaningful connections with others

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