Individuals within this group have certain needs that need to be addressed both within individual counseling sessions and treatment as a whole, in order to ensure that reatment is effective and sensitive with lasting results.  These individuals may have trauma in their life, as many others within the LGBT community, however certain concerns may be higher.  For instance, that transgender individuals may "have been prostitutes or sex workers, resulting in clinical issues tha can also block recovery if they are not adequately addressed."

Within their treatment, a transgender person may require that certain needs be addressed.  Some of these individuals may be transitioning, and they may be taking hormone therapies; this warrants greater medical support and attention, and also increased mental support during this time.  Staff in treatment facilities need to be mindful of sleepin or bathroom arrangements, as these individuals may desire certain care or access that is not present in every facility.  Lastly, transgender persons may desire a certain pronoun to be used, thus providers need to be conscientious and open to this.  All of these issues must be brought to light, in order to help a transgender person towards feeling the comfort, acceptance, and attention that is needed for positive transformation within treatment.