It may seem that certain illnesses can be handled without the help of a counselor but in reality, treatment is a necessary step in learning to live with mental illness.  For PTSD suffers, treatment becomes even more critical.  Here are a few reasons PTSD requires immediate treatment.

Suicidal Thoughts and Actions are a Very Real Risk

Depression is fairly common following a trauma.  However, with PTSD, the person is likely reliving the event through nightmares, flashbacks, or intrusive memories.  This creates worsening depression over time.  Hyper vigilance and fear of flashbacks can also lead a sufferer to avoid going out in public or seeing other people.  The resulting isolation exacerbates any depression which, in turn, can lead to suicidal thoughts and even actions as published on site.

If the symptoms had been caught early and treatment had begun, the depression and isolation would have been controlled through counseling, coping mechanisms, and maybe medication.  This would prevent suicidal thoughts and severe depression.

Action in Very Common in Untreated PTSD

When mental illness is left untreated, self-medication is the abuse of a non-prescription substance in an attempt to control the symptoms of a physical or mental illness.  Through abusing  substances such as alcohol and illicit drugs, people who self-medicate often become addicted as published on

With treatment, the symptoms would be controlled through healthy, non-addictive, and prescribed means, preventing the need to self-medicate. Furthermore, the person would simply feel better, leading them to live a healthier and more beneficial lifestyle.

Untreated Symptoms Get Worse Over Time

As with any untreated ailment, the symptoms of PTSD (as published in will become worse as time goes on.  Nightmares that cause insomnia, depression that causes suicidal thoughts, and social isolation will all work together to make daily life nearly unbearable.  This is where self-medication, addiction, and suicidal actions will begin to take place.  Treatment is the only way to halt and reverse the progression of symptoms.  With regular, quality treatment, the symptoms of PTSD can become very easily manageable.

Though learning you or a loved one may have PTSD can be frightening, it is critical that you seek help immediately.  Even one symptom of PTSD following a traumatic evenly is cause for concern.  In fact, trauma should always be followed up with counseling so that signs of PTSD can be caught early, and the mental and emotional effects of trauma can be mitigated.

So, if you or a loved one has experienced trauma, do not wait.  Seek help and start treatment early.  Even if the symptoms are not caught until long after the trauma took place, it is never to late to start treatment.  A person suffering from severe depression, addiction, and PTSD can still recover and regain control over their live.  Regardless of circumstances, it is always important to get help as soon as possible.

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