Happy Mother's Day!                                                                                                                                                                          I've been pondering this Sunday coming up; a special day set aside for everyone with a mother to express love and gratitude, appreciation, respect and amazement for the mother who birthed and raised them.                       Well, for some children their mother was not there for them through all the good and bad times.                           And for some mothers, for whatever reason, they were there with their child/children through the laughter and through the tears, but their children have turned their backs on the them.                        It is a curious phenomenon I have seen more and more often, that adult children turn their backs on one or both parents, often during a divorce or other family issue. These adult children go about their daily lives and holidays without any thought to the parent who sits alone, without children or grandchildren, who have to rebuild their own lives, filled with shame and pain, in a world where people do not understand that a child could be so unfeeling, so unable to forgive whatever the "wrong" may have been. Those adult children, especially those whose mother baked cookies for their school activities, made their clothes, worked long hours when they would have preferred being at home, took them on picnics, played house with them, allowed their friends to play in the house or yard, baked birthday cakes, listened to their heartaches....and so much more, those adult children are carrying a dark hole in their hearts that can only be lightened through forgiveness.                                                                                                                                                          So, For those Mother's who don't have the children they loved for so long, I wish you to feel all the love you shared all those years, and to know that you are loved by many others. Take care