A first kiss can offer many clues into the soul of a person.  That kiss can give insight into a person’s sexuality, intentions, patience and health.  Research reports that 66% of women will discontinue a relationship after a first bad kiss.  The science of kissing states that we smell the person we kiss and unconsciously our brain is responding to their immune system.  Anthropologist Helen Fisher PhD of Rutgers University says, “That when you believe someone is a bad kisser it probably means that their immune system is wrong for you.  The closer your immune system is to the person you’re kissing the more likely it is that the female might reject the fetus.”  Over 50% of both men and women have reported that they were really attracted to someone until they kissed them.

Chemistry and love

Phermones are another important chemical that creates attractions which releases through the olfactory system to the brain.  This triggers a biological response of “love at first sight”.  Expert Beverly Palmer PhD believes “that the most important sign of attraction is mutual eye contact.” After the initial attraction she states that you will then witness preening from the interested male or female who will begin to mirror your behaviors of touching hair, lips, or crossing legs. This is a signal that states “I’m interested in you.”

Studies have shown that the chemical connection through mutual scents the body produces will attract a potential partner.  Keeping that initial passion in a relationship is very difficult as these chemicals need to be newly stimulated.  Over time relationships will move from the physical attraction to the deeper emotional intimacy.  To revitalize the sexual communication in your relationship try a 10 second to 1 minute kiss every day.  It’s what the love doctor orders to arouse the love and lust in your relationship.