ADVICE ON HOW TO CALL and Interview for The Right Therapist
Wednesday, August 12, 2009
We advise you to select two or more therapists and call them for a brief interview. Therapists frequently receive inquiries and are pleased to give you a few minutes of their time on the phone.

Be sure to talk directly with the therapist. If they are busy, they should soon return your call. Talking with their receptionist, instead, will not give you the intuitive sense you need to make the right choice. And in the unlikely event a therapist is not responsive, trust your intuition and move on to reviewing other therapists.

We have designed for you an interview that is brief and comfortable while highly informative. Asking SOME or ALL of the questions can help you effectively choose The Right Therapist.

TO BEGIN THE INTERVIEW - simply say something like "I heard about you through the website, and I'd like to ask a few brief questions about your services."

1 - What is your fee per session? Most therapists charge $100 to $150 per session no matter how many people attend with you. Psychiatrists having medical and medication expertise tend to charge higher.

If you qualify under financial hardship, ask the therapist whether they can help you on a sliding fee scale. If you have insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, ask if the therapist accepts them.

2 - How many minutes is your session? Most therapists provide 45, 50, 55 or 60 minutes per session.

3 - Is your therapy office located in an office building or in your home? Be sure you feel comfortable with the location.

4 - Ask any questions about personal requirements. For example, Does your office have wheelchair access?

5 - What areas do you specialize in? Get a sense whether the therapist has the appropriate expertise to effectively help you with your issues.

6 - How long have you been in private practice? Of course the more experience a therapist has, the more effective they may be. But also consider related experience prior to their private practice.

7 - Do you focus more on connections with the past and the family, or on present thoughts, feelings and behaviors? Get a sense whether their therapy approach can effectively help you with your issues.

8 - Do you provide any training or techniques to achieve specific goals? Get a sense whether the therapist can help you learn to improve specific life skills, for example, how to handle stress, anger or communication.

9 - Do you tend to listen and offer careful insights, or be more interactive through frequent feedback, or directive by challenging and confronting more? Get a sense whether their therapy style can work effectively with you.

10 - What hours do you have openings? Upon choosing a therapist, be sure to reserve an opening within a week or two. Though it may not be on the day or time you prefer, the therapist will accommodate you as soon as possible.

WE THANK YOU in advance for remembering to tell the therapist how you heard about them through the website.

TO END THE INTERVIEW - simply say something like "I appreciate your time, and when my research is complete I may call you to schedule an appointment."

IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS - trust your intuition. The therapist you feel the most comfortable with and who sounds the most competent is the one we would recommend as the right choice.

And in the unlikely event, after one or more visits you believe the therapist is not the right choice, feel free to discontinue. You can always review more therapists until you are satisfied with your choice.

OUR BEST WISHES TO YOU in carefully choosing The Right Therapist. If you need help, call us at 866-450-3463 and our experts will assist you.