Everyone feels sad at times, but people with depression feel sad most days, and these feelings can get in the way of everyday life. Do you experience these warning signs more often than not?

•feel sad
•feel tired most of the time
•sleep too little or too much
•cry a lot
•lose interst in eating
•eat too much
•have trouble paying attention
•feel nervous or cranky
•think about death or try to kill yourself
•notice that things that used to make you happy, do not make you happy anymore (

Having a baby can be a joyful time. However, some women cry a lot and feel sad right after they have a baby. This is natural, and usually goes away after about two weeks.
If you still feel sad after two weeks, go to your doctor or contact a counselor. you may be experiencing postpartum depression. A woman can have this kind of depression up to one year after she has a baby. Therapy and perhaps an anti-depressant can help.

You are feeling sad, fatigued with no motivation, too little or too much sleep. Life feels empty. There is no joy. You are numb or constantly emotional.

These and other symptoms can be signs of depression. However, if you have recently experieced a major loss in your life, you may be experiencing normal grief.

Grief, unfortunately is something we will all eventually have to go through. Loss can be extremely painful, and sometimes it seems like the pain will never go away.
If you continue to experience the symptoms described above, with no sense of relief, don't be afraid to talk with a counselor about your grief. Normal grief or depression, it can be a relief to talk it out with someone who can help you through this tough time in your life. Don't hesitate. Do it for yourself and your family.