Don’t Get Distracted by the ABC Dilemma

Let’s say you’ve decided to open a Flower Shop -- you can visualize it!  You can almost smell the sweetness of your vision . . . isn’t it grand?  Good for you: You’ve figured out something important you want to do. 

Okay, you say to yourself, Easy. I’ll just start working toward my goal.

But there’s a trickster out there, a devilish thing called the ABC Dilemma.  The ABC Dilemma is all of those baby steps, steps A through Z, you must take to become the owner of a Flower Shop. When you visualize all those steps lumped in together, it seems too overwhelming.  The ABC Dilemma is a sneaky creature, ready to sabotage your efforts.

The ABC Dilemma gives you that weak feeling in your arms when you know you should be reaching for a phone book to check out competitors – that phone book looks too big and heavy!  The ABC Dilemma is that voice that whispers in your ear, You need to take a class in Floral Arranging but you can’t afford to do that.  The ABC Dilemma shows you all of those baby steps you must take – business cards, networking, advertising – and it shows you them all at the same time.  Panic!  Forget it!  It’s too hard – I can’t do it!   Oh no, the ABC Dilemma wins; you stay home – confused, hurt, sad.

This is where a Life Coach can help you.  With a little help from a Life Coach you can name your goal and – maybe, for just the first week, with the help of your Coach – you can take one small step, Step A.  Your Life Coach can be your guide, your mentor, your cheerleader:  Yay for you, you took Step A! 

Superman may have been weakened by Kryptonite, but you don’t have to be weakened by the ABC Dilemma.  One healthy step at a time, at whatever speed you choose to “fly,” and, before you know it, The Happy Flower Shop will be open, and you’ll be the proud owner!


by Mary MacGowan Breckman