A Treatment Program: How to Choose the Right Treatment Center Tuesday, September 21, 2010 If you or your loved one is struggling with an eating disorder, choosing the right treatment facility is a life-saving decision. Experts from treatment programs recommend using the following criteria as a basis for deciding on a treatment center. 10 POINTS TO CONSIDER BEFORE YOU MAKE A SELECTION 1. Reputation – Is the center reputable and well-established? Have there been complaints to the state regulatory commission? Ask to speak to a former patient or family member – get several names. 2. Licensing – Is the center Joint Commission approved and fully licensed? 3. Clinical program – What is the treatment philosophy? Is a continuum of care provided? How many daily groups and sessions are provided? 4. Aftercare – What type of aftercare planning is provided? Is there a liaison with the local treatment team? 5. Insurance – Does the center accept most insurance? Are payment plans available? Will the facility advocate for you or your loved one? Are monies available to extend treatment when needed? 6. Staff – Are all staff licensed and experienced in the treatment of eating disorders? Is on-going in-service training and supervision provided for staff? To what extent? Is turnover low? What is the staff/patient ratio? 7. Expertise of clinicians – Are there staff members who are considered experts in the particular issue professional community? Have staff been published in professional journals/magazines or textbooks? Do they hold or have held key positions in related organizations? 8. Research – Is there a separate and independent research department? Are statistics substantiated and published in reputable journals, not just press releases? 9. Training – Is the center considered a cutting-edge training facility, hosting conferences and workshops nationally? 10. Safety & Comfort – Do you feel that your needs and concerns are being heard and addressed when making an inquiry? Do you feel that you or your loved one will be well cared for?